Why we're #1

We're proud to say that we've been providing insanely reliable and safe car service to Central New Jersey for 30 years. While many limo services have come and gone during this time, we've managed to not only survive, we've thrived. So what is the secret to our continued success?


We aim to be the safest.

For an entire decade we've been named the Safest Limousine Service in New Jersey by Lancer Insurance Company. We've locked in on this award by consistently having an extremely safe track record - a direct result of our obsessive safety practices and dispatching techniques.

That means you never have to worry about underinsured dangerous criminals or sex offenders driving you, your family or your clients. We background check and screen all potential hires. You also won't have overworked burnt out drivers who are on little to no sleep chauffering you around. That's because we dispatch our rides to our drivers with your safety in mind, not company profits.

We're ultra reliable

It's cliche for a limo service to boast about being "on time" and being "the most reliable", but we say it, we mean it and we can prove it. Check us out on Yelp and Facebook. We're always receiving new 5 star reviews from our satisfied clients based on the exemplary service they receive.

We are able to provide that service because we have amazing drivers and an awesome fleet with a rock solid maintenance program designed to keep our vehicles in tip top shape, all the time. 


We're cutting edge

While most limo services are still trying to figure out how to compete with companies like Uber and Lyft on the tech front, we've got that covered. You can download our mobile app and reserve our award winning service any time you'd like from your iPhone or Android device. Booking for business or someone else? Create an account online from your desktop or laptop and use our awesome and modern dashboard to view/track rides, find invoices/receipts for billing, add and delete riders and update home and work locations for quick and easy booking on the fly.

It's all the tech convenience you've come to love, backed by a small business with a proven track record that truly cares about your safety and your ride.