Leave Nothing To Chance.

If you've visited one of our competitors websites before checking out ours, you may have come across the old "On Time Guarantee" claim. For limousine services, this is the ultimate cliche.  We think there's a few things wrong with just making that guarantee. For starters, we don't think just saying that your ride will be free if it's late should inspire confidence. And does anyone ever truly explain how they're so confident in their ability to always be on time?

As a prospective client of ours, we feel it's important to highlight the "How" on our claims to reliability. And it all starts with our tech.

Virtual Alert System

We love and trust our chauffeurs, but your trip is too important for us to leave anything to chance, no matter how reliable our crew is. That's why we employ the use of our Virtual Alert System. This technology calculates the appropriate time to alert your assigned chauffeur to depart for your pickup based on factors such as current vehicle location, current traffic patterns and the time of day. This way your ride goes off without a hitch no matter what time of day it is.

Isn't technology wonderful?