Need A ride to EWR? JFK? LGA? You're In LCK.


The Airports Are Our Specialty.

Providing Central (yes, it exists) New Jersey with professional ground transportation to Newark Liberty, JFK International, La Guardia Airport and Philadelphia International has been our bread and butter for over thirty years.

Here’s what you can expect from Red Bank Limo when you’re traveling to the Airport:

  • A guaranteed pickup

  • Promptly e-mailed ride receipts

  • SMS notifications when your vehicle has arrived

  • Clean, late model black luxury sedans and SUVs

  • Local chauffeurs that are knowledgable, trained and professional


The Red Bank Limo Difference.

What makes us better than the other guys? A lot of it has to do with our Chauffeurs. Before anyone ever gets behind the wheel of a Red Bank Limo vehicle to drive our clients, we subject them to the following checks/tests:

  • 16 Hours of Training on our local Airports

  • Motor Vehicle Record Check

  • Preemployment Background Check & Drug Screening


We Guarantee Your Satisfaction With Our Service.

How do we guarantee your ride to the Airport? In the incredibly unlikely event that we were unable to make your pickup, we not only promise to pay for whatever costs you incur to get there, we’ll also cover your return. 100% on the house. No questions asked. As you can see from our reviews, however, that’s not something that really comes up. ;)


Need Proof? Check Out Our (Incredible) Reviews.


From Yelp, to Facebook, to Angie's List and even The Asbury Park Press, we're highly recommended for getting to the Airport. Our reviews speak for themselves - when you need to get to Newark, JFK or La Guardia, we're the best way to go, bar none.

Visit Our Social Media Profiles And Check Out Our Reviews!


What You Get There In Is Just As Important.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 12.30.04 AM.png

Select from our Classic Sedan or SUV services for a more economical option or upgrade into our prestigious Luxury Sedan and SUV packages and treat yourself. Whatever you choose, your trip to Newark, La Guardia, JFK or Philadelphia International will be handled by a professional Chauffeur that receives some of the Limousine industry's most comprehensive training. In fact, we devote over 16 hours of on site training to the airports we service when we hire new Chauffeurs. You just pick the vehicle, we'll handle the rest.


Our Focus Is Always YOU.


The airlines are notoriously unfriendly when it comes to their clients. So we know that you're facing your upcoming trip to the airport with some trepidation. That's why we spend a considerable amount of time devoted to our in car experience. Your chauffeur will always arrive with cold bottled water, mints and hand sanitizer.

Forgot your phone charger? We even stock throw aways just in case. Our vehicles are smoke free and clean as well.

So stop taking your chances and get a guaranteed thing - every time you need to head to the airport.


How Do We Make Sure That You Never Miss Your Flight?

Hint: Computers.

Have you ever missed a flight because the car service you scheduled either showed up late or never showed at all? Perhaps you tried a ride share app and the amateur driver took a wrong turn causing you to get there too late to board. Or maybe your driver overslept, leaving you stranded and scrambling for a way to secure transportation.

You're not alone.

At Red Bank Limo, we make it our business to make certain that you never miss your flight. We've given every angle of every situation careful thought to avoid the one thing that plagues most of our competitors - the inability to perfectly pick up, on time, every time, guaranteeing piece of mind on every trip.


We Track Everything.

We'll always ask for your flight details on the way OUT and on the way IN for every trip you take with us. Why? We track both legs of your trip's inbound and outbound activity in realtime so that we can make you aware of any changes/delays to your flight. So if your early morning flight out of EWR cancels, we're on top of it. We'll notify you with a text message so that you can begin making alternative arrangements.

It's no surprise that we've been named The Asbury Park Press "Best Transportation Company in Monmouth County" an astonishing THREE times. We've garnered these accolades by making sure that our clients are always where they need to be when they reserve with us.


Worried About Your Chauffeur Oversleeping? Not With Us.

We use cutting edge software to ensure your Chauffeur is there on time, no matter the time of day. How? Our system calculates the distance from our facility to your pickup point and the Airport. From there, an algorithm determines an appropriate time table and notifies your Chauffeur when to leave. It even takes into account any traffic they may encounter en route to your pickup, and on the way to the Airport. This way you're never in danger of missing your flight due to a late pick up or no show.

That kind of attention to detail has led our clients to say lots of wonderful things about us.


We Always Keep You In The Loop.

You've got enough stress to deal with when you're headed to or coming from the Airport. That's why we keep you posted with real time status updates from our Chauffeurs. You'll be notified by SMS when your car is on it's way to you. You'll also be notified when they arrive to your location for the pick up. And when you arrive into the Airport, you'll get a text from your Chauffeur upon landing with their name and number, letting you know they are there waiting for you.

To top that off, you can always reach our office at (732) 389-3883 or even text us there with any questions. Our staff monitors calls and text messages for you 24/7.