Brew Tour FAQs

We're thrilled that you're interested in our Brew Tours! Live help is always available, but we've compiled a list of FAQ's to help guide you along if you've never done this before!


Q: I don't see the brewery I'd like to visit here - can we go there?

A: Unfortunately, some of the breweries are not open to group visits. This limits what we can make available on our tours. We have done Brew Tours now that

Q: What breweries do you go to?

A: Our standard tour visits Carton Brewing, Belford Brewing Company, Jughandle Brewing Company and Dark City Brewing Company.

Q: What days are the tours held?

A: Tours are held Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!

Q: What do the tours cost?

A: Thursday tours are $325.00 all inclusive, which breaks out to roughly $27.08 per attendee. For Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the all inclusive rate is $450.00 which translates to $37.50 per attendee (based on a group of 12). These rates include your driver's gratuity and all other charges!

Q: Do you come pick us up or do we come to you?

A: For our standard brew tour, you come to our office location at 342 Broad Street, Red Bank NJ 07701 and board the Sprinter there. Parking is available at our office for your personal vehicle and the lot is monitored by our security system. We can also offer pickup service if you'd prefer a door to door experience, but there may be an additional cost. If you'd like to inquire about the door to door tour, contact us at (732) 389-3883 and ask to speak with Brent!

Q: Can my group bring beer into the vehicle?

A: As long as it is in a closed container, yes. Our Sprinter vans are equipped with wet bars that you can stock with you favorite beverages. There is also glassware stocked and we supply ice if requested on the tours.

Q: Is there a cancellation penalty? 

A: Only if you cancel within 18 hours of the tour. There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking that we would keep. We do this because we block time out for your tour and once that time is spoken for, it would be impossible to rebook a tour on that short of notice.

Q: We're having so much fun! When the tour is over can we go somewhere else?

A: Schedule permitting, we can continue along with your group to destinations outside of the scheduled tour. Time outside of the tour will be billed at a rate of $95/hr. plus gratuity and any other applicable charges.

Q: I'd like to take the tour, but my date is showing as unavailable. What do I do?

A: As our tours are growing in popularity, we are definitely backlogged a bit - we will do the best we can to work with you to accommodate on another date if possible.

Q: It's snowing like crazy!! Is the tour still on?

A: We do reserve the right to cancel any tours due to inclement weather. Your safety, our Chauffeur's safety and the safety of our vehicles are our TOP priority. If we feel the weather is just too much, we will cancel a tour and any deposit will be refunded.

Q: Do I HAVE to take the tour of the brewery?

A: YES, you do! It's required by State Law and all breweries have this policy in place. You cannot sample a single beverage without doing the tour. The good news is the tours in many of the breweries have been whittled down to 30 seconds! :)

Q: How long does the entire Brew Tour take from start to finish?

A: Typically, you will spend only a few minutes touring the facility and then some time trying the brews. The majority of the time will actually be spent in transit between the breweries. Fortunately our brew tours are performed in our luxury Mercedes Sprinter Limousines, which makes getting to them MUCH more enjoyable! From start to finish, expect roughly two and a half to three hours total.

Q: We partied too hard and things got really messy/broken inside - is there a clean up/damage fee?

A: We understand that groups may make a mess and we are fully prepared on our end to clean up the usual chips, crumbs, bags etc. We do draw a line however when it comes to blatant abuse/carelessness or destruction of our beautiful vehicles. In the event that there is damage to any equipment in the vehicle (TV's, Audio, Flooring, Seating) that we deem to be beyond reasonable cleaning, we will repair at the cardholders on files expense. Human bodily fluid clean up falls into this category and will be subject to an additional $250.00 detail fee.