Your Pay

As a Chauffeur for BlackRock Worldwide, you will be a W2’d employee of our service. You will receive a W2 every working year and your wages will reflect the appropriate tax deductions that you set in your submitted W4 form. Your W2 will be accessible yearly through our ADP payroll system. You will also be able to view your pay stubs online on our ADP Payroll site. You will be required to create a username and password for this site upon starting employment with BlackRock WCS.

Log in to ADP here.

How your pay works

Rates & Structure

Sedan/SUV Services

  • 20% Commission on the FLAT RATE of all trips.
  • 20% Standard Gratuity on the FLAT RATE of all trips.
  • 20% Commission on the HOURLY RATE of all trips.
  • 20% Commission on ADDED STOPS of all trips.

Sprinter Services

  • $10.00 an hour on all trips from pickup to drop off plus 20% gratuity (calculated on flat rate only).


Sedan/SUV/Sprinter Services

  • Holiday Pay - + $25.00 per trip
  • Early AM - + $20.00 per trip (For pickups taking place between 12:00am and 5:14am)
  • Training Pay - $8.25/hr.

Bonus pay on trips is taxed at the normal pay rate. 

Frequency and Method

Pay periods are bi-weekly. Pay periods begin every other Sunday at 12:00am and run two weeks ending on Saturdays at 11:59pm. 

Some pay periods may close early (on Fridays) as opposed to the normal Saturdays, due to Holidays falling on the upcoming Monday. On those weeks, you will be paid for everything up till 11:59pm, Friday. Trips taking place after that will be paid on the following pay period.

Pay Day takes place the Wednesday after the pay period closes. You can choose to pick up your check from our office in Red Bank or have it mailed to your address on file. The paychecks are generally available for pickup on Tuesdays so you can pick your check up a day early if you are coming to the office to retrieve it. Otherwise, we will mail your check. Checks are typically received 1-2 business days after mailing.

Pay Logs

You will receive a driver pay log on the Sunday of every pay period. We advise you to keep a personal record of your trips as you complete them.

The Driver Pay Log will list all completed trips and show a GROSS amount plus any expense reimbursements if applicable. Please note that this is your GROSS pay. Your NET pay will be calculated in our Payroll software and available for view on your online paystub.

Click to enlarge sample.

Other Items

Sedan and SUV Service Wait Time Pay

There may be times that you are required to wait on site for a client. During this time, you will be paid 20% of the accumulated wait time. Wait time is dependent on the vehicle you are driving. Our Sedan wait time rate is $48.00/hr., while our SUV wait time rate is $65.00/hr. Therefore you are paid the same 20% commission and 20% gratuity on those total base rates.

Ex. You drive a client from Red Bank to NYC in a sedan and wait 4 hours on a wait and return trip with them. The ride home takes 1.5 hours. You will be paid on the flat rate of $169.00 (which comes to $67.60) to go into NYC, plus the 5.5 hours of wait time (wait time ends when the client is dropped off at their final destination) which comes to $105.60. So your total commission on the trip would be $173.20.

Lost Bags or Customs Delays at Airports

There may be times that you are at an airport and it takes a client a long time to come out due to custom’s hold ups or lost baggage. If you are waiting, we will pay you for this at the same rate of pay an hourly trip (see above under Wait Times).

Late Cancels

If a client calls to cancel a trip when you are already en route or on site, we charge the client the half rate of the trip less tolls. Therefore, we pay you half your regular commission on the trip.

Discounted Customers

In some cases, there are customers that receive deeply discounted rates or in some cases, do not pay at all. Regardless of the reason, you will always be paid for what the trip SHOULD pay. This will always be reflected in your pay log.


There may be times when you need to make a purchase on behalf of the company with cash or a personal credit card. While these instances should be very few and far between, if they do occur, you will take the following steps to report the expense:

  1. Using your smartphone, you will open a new text message to (732) 389-3883.
  2. Look for the camera option in the text message application (see the iPhone screen shot to the right)

3. Open and take a photo of the receipt.

4. Send the photo to (732) 389-3883. You will be reimbursed for the expense on your upcoming paycheck.

Remember - You are not taxed on expenses. We pay your expense reimbursement on a separate column from your income on your check so you are not taxed on money you lay out for the company.