Stop The Madness.

We Can Bring Sanity Back To Your Company's Travel Program. 


Every day we hear the horror stories. We bet that the ground transportation provider your company works with now is doing one (or more) of the following things that drive you crazy:

  • They don't get back to you on time for anything. (ie. you have a last minute, very important manifest tweak that needs to be handled and you can't reach them, or you can't reach the right person)
  • When they do get back to you, they seem annoyed about it.
  • They are dinosaurs when it comes to technology (ie. they still fax confirmations/invoices, no online reservation capabilities, no SMS updates/alerts, etc.)
  • You routinely deal with pickup/drop off issues due to miscommunication and errors on their end.

Sound familiar? We know it does, because that's a list we've compiled from dozens of discovery calls with our existing corporate clients. We work systematically with our corporate clientele to identify their unique needs and develop a travel program that just works.

So How Can Red Bank Limo Help Your Team?


Meet Our Corporate Travel Guru: Brent Abruzese


With over ten years of experience in group and corporate travel logistics, your business will never be in better hands. Having successfully built and managed one of New Jersey's most well respected ground transportation companies, Brent has been featured in Forbes Magazine and Limousine Charter & Tour magazine as an up and coming voice in the transportation industry.

His wife, Colleen Abruzese, is an accomplished Corporate Event Planner for a prominent Medical Device company often assists and lends her vast experience with the logistics on larger projects.

Working together, the two have successfully managed transportation for some of the worlds largest companies.

Schedule A (pressure) Free Ten Minute Discovery Call With Brent.

Ready to take the next step? Use the calendar below to schedule a discovery call with Brent. We will use the ten minute call to identify what your business needs from a transportation provider. There are no obligations and no credit cards required - you won't be asked to sign up for anything! Our goal is to work with companies that understand the impact their travel program has on their employees productivity.


How We're Better.


Small, Medium and Large

No matter what the event or occasion, we've worked with groups of all sizes in the past. Whether you've got a group of 200 arriving in to JFK, a strenuous multi-day road show in New York City, or a corporate dinner for company VIPs that requires high end vehicles and an extreme attention to detail, our prompt response is always the same: "We can do it". 


Lightning Fast Response

We asked some of our corporate clients what they liked best about working with us. They all resoundingly responded with our ability to communicate. When you send an e-mail, it's answered. When you call us, we pick up. It's that simple. Need to change a manifest on the fly after hours? Your dedicated account manager will be by your side, reachable through text, call or e-mail.


Cutting Edge Tech

No matter how you want to reserve rides, we can handle it. Using a corporate tool like Concur or Deem? We can work with those providers to work with you. Booking individuals yourself? Use our online booking tool and manage your company's travel program through our robust online dashboard. Add payment methods, view invoices and manage multiple riders quickly and efficiently.


Dedicated Online Portal For Account Managers

Add users, manage rides, get instant access to invoices, store frequently used locations for fast reservations, track spend by users and more. Our online dashboard is ready to help you manage your companies travelers with ease. Click the button below to create your company's account - it's 100% free!