Sprinter Services

Hi guys!

I've been talking for a long while about offering Sprinter services to our clients. If you are not familiar with them, the Mercedes Sprinter is the high top bus/van that aftermarket vendors customize like limousines inside. They've become extremely popular in our industry and we've done a load of work with affiliates over the last year using their Sprinters. Well, the time has finally come for us to have our own.

On June 4th, I'll be heading up to Hartford CT to pick up our new 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Limousine! In looking forward to this new service, I wanted to bring you all up to speed on what this means for you, and what you can expect moving forward:


Use and Operation

The Sprinter will be used in a variety of different scenarios. Most commonly, we will use them for Weddings, Proms and Bachelor(ette) party situations. As you know, even on a smaller scale with the SUVs, these jobs require a totally different method of handling. To those of you that will operate the Sprinter, we will be training you on these new types of services. Training will be scheduled with you prior to performing any trips.

Piloting our Sprinter will require a CDL with passenger endorsement. This is due to the seating capacity of the vehicle which is 12 passengers (not including the front seats). At the moment, there are only two of you on staff that I'm aware of that possess these credentials. If any of you are interested in obtaining your CDL for this purpose, we will cover the cost of the test for you.

The Sprinter will be parked over in the lot on Newman Springs Road. We are currently researching car wash options as, due to its stature, Butch's will be unable to accommodate. Any ideas there would be appreciated. I'd like to have a list of at least 4 spots that we can hit locally.

On one last note about its operation - the Sprinter is a Diesel truck. So when filling up, you will go to the Diesel pump and ask for Diesel fuel!


Pay Scale

The pay structure will be a bit different for Sprinter service. Here's how it will break down:

$10.00 per hour, plus 20% gratuity

All bonus pay structures (ie. Federal Holidays, Early AM, etc.) will apply

So for a 7 hour Sprinter ride, you would be paid $70.00 base rate ($10.00 per hour) plus your gratuity. On a 7 hour ride, based on a flat rate of $90.00/hr. (will differ depending on the service, but that would be the lowest hourly rate we would offer) you'd be paid 20% of $630.00 which would be $126.00. Therefore, your total pay on the trip would be $196.00 for 7 hours. That works out to roughly $28.00/hour. If you are doing a Wedding or other type of service that requires additional prep, we will be charging more (no concrete numbers yet, I am working on those).

It is important to note that we have a 5 hour minimum on this vehicle. There may be some cases where we will do point to point type services with it - in that case, you will be paid the same as you are for Sedan and SUV service on the 20/20 scale.

This new service offering introduces a totally new earning opportunity for those of you looking to increase your check size with us.

I know there will be a lot of questions about this service - you can always contact me via e-mail or on the phone (text or call). We already have work lined up for the Sprinter starting on Friday, June 8th. I've included pictures of the unit we purchased below.

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