Moving forward, all internal company announcements and policy updates will be made and posted on this forum. Additionally, if a key policy change is made on this board, we will update the online handbook accordingly and issue requests for new signatures on the individual policy change through our Adobe Echosign account.

Here's how you will subscribe to these announcements -

First, scroll to the bottom of this message. Do you see the "Subscribe via e-mail" link? Click that and enter your e-mail address. This way you will be notified when new updates and changes are rolled out.

In the past, we've always asked that you respond affirmatively to all e-mails sent as a way of knowing whether or not you've read through and understood its contents. You will now "comment" on the bottom of these posts instead. Simply comment "read" to acknowledge that you have read and comprehend the content of these update posts.

Stay tuned for more announcements and updates moving forward. We have a few significant developments coming up.

All the best,