Employment Guidelines

The key to our success is due in large part to our teams adherence to the following guidelines. This code of conduct is paramount and we take these items very seriously. It is very important that you read and understand these conditions, as breaching them may result in or up to your termination with our company.

Dress Code

Chauffeurs must adhere to a strict dress code, as our appearance to our clients is paramount to the successful representation of our business. The way our chauffeurs dress and the manner that they carry themselves is a visual representation of our company values. Here is our official company dress code:

For Men

  • Clean & Pressed Black Suit, Clean & Pressed Black Pants, Polished Black Shoes
  • White Shirt (no short sleeves)
  • Red Company Issued Tie
  • No Colognes, Perfumes, Excessive Jewelry


For Women -

  • Clean & Pressed Black Suit, Clean & Pressed Black Pants, Polished Black Shoes
  • White Shirt (no short sleeves) - may be worn open on the top button in lieu of a tie
  • Red Company Issued Tie (optional)
  • No colognes, perfumes, excessive jewelry


Hygiene is also incredibly important. Long hair is to be worn tied back or away from the face. Facial hair must be neatly trimmed and cropped. We will randomly inspect chauffeurs to insure adherence to these company policies. Chauffeurs are expected to maintain themselves with a high attention to detail.

Your suit jacket must be worn at all times – even when driving. You are not permitted to hang your suit jacket over the passenger seat or toss it in the front passenger seat at any time.

Please understand that this strict dress code is not in place to be difficult or unreasonable. Everything we do as a company is designed and implemented to align perfectly with our company’s prime objective. A strict dress code is part of that and something we will strictly enforce. There may be some occasions that we ask you to wear something different. That is the only time you will be permitted to wear anything outside of the company permitted dress code.


You are the face of our company. You drive our vehicles and represent us at every turn. Your behavior is a literal representation of our service and it goes without saying these guidelines are of extreme importance:

  • Misconduct in any way/shape/form that includes, but is not limited to: vulgarity, physical/ verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or any other forms of insubordination towards clients, other employees or management will NOT be tolerated. Should we determine through investigation of any incident brought to our attention that you have willfully conducted yourself in such a manner, your employment will be terminated immediately.

  • Use of your cell phone while driving is strictly prohibited. This means absolutely no texting or talking on the phone with clients in the car. It is ONLY acceptable to TALK on the phone if you’re using a bluetooth head set. We highly encourage the use of these headsets. If it is determined that you have been driving while using your phone without a bluetooth headset or texting while driving, with or without clients in the car, you will receive two (2) coaching notices for this infraction.

  • We utilize cutting edge technology to determine your driving behavior by way of GPS units that are installed in each vehicle. Each month a report card is generated with a letter grade. Your scores are based on several factors which include: Speeding 10+mph over posted limits, hard braking and idle time (time you keep the car on while waiting for clients). We may contact you to discuss your driving habits once a month after your card is generated. Each time your monthly grade falls below a “C”, you will receive a coaching notice.

  • You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner with clients, fellow drivers/ employees and management. Religion/sex/politics are not considered acceptable topics of conversation. Should we determine that you’ve been discussing these topics with clients, other employees or management, you will receive a coaching notice.

  • Punctuality is obviously an important characteristic for an employee of a limousine service to possess. Tardiness for rides can not and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Should you arrive late to a pickup, you will be issued a coaching notice. Should you simply not show up for a pickup without notice, we will consider that your resignation and you will be terminated effective immediately.

  • You will follow our company dress code. During the spring/summer months, acceptable forms of attire are a black suit, white collared dress shirt (may be short sleeve), dark colored tie, and black dress shoes. No other forms or articles of clothing are allowed. During fall/winter months, acceptable forms of attire are a black suit, white collared dress shirt, dark colored tie, suit jacket (peacoats and other dark coats are acceptable, but should not bear any advertisements or company names/logos) and black dress shoes. Failure to follow company dress code will result in a coaching notice.


The vehicles are the tools we use to accomplish our tasks. Respect for the vehicle you use for the day is one of the top responsibilities of this job.

  • Following every shift, you must fill the tank, no matter how much gas is still left over. This is imperative. Failure to do this will result in a coaching notice.

  • Food, trash, papers or any other kind of garbage left in the vehicle at the end of your shift will not be tolerated and will result in a coaching notice.

  • Vehicles must be locked at all times after you leave them. Failure to lock a vehicles door will result in a coaching notice.

  • Each vehicle is equipped with a TomTom GPS for your use. In the event one of these devices were to go missing on your shift, you will be required to purchase and replace the device on your own. You will also receive a coaching notice.

  • Each vehicle has a gas card. If a card is to go missing on your shift, a $10.00 card replacement fee will be docked from your next paycheck. A coaching notice will also be issued.

Questions? Just ask - contact Brent @ 848-213-2522 if you need assistance with these Employment Guidelines.