Always Be Productive

Time is by far the most valuable thing we possess. Some say that money can't buy time. If you are a business professional, executive, lawyer or in any position that requires you to travel in or to areas where you spend a substantial amount of time in traffic or on the move, time that could be better spent meeting with partners or billing clients, you are the perfect match for our mobile office services.

We utilize a high end executive class Mercedes Sprinter, complete with fold out desks, a fully operational bathroom, satellite TV's and WiFi. Reclining seats and a refrigerator turn our private jet on wheels into an office that rivals most non - mobile setups.

Here's a use case - 

An Attorney at a prominent law firm in Jersey City bills at an average of $341.00/hr. Often times, due to the high volume of traffic in the area, travel to meet with clients results in hours of unproductive down time. Time that, if spent billing at the average rate, could be more productive and lucrative, resulting in not only more money for the Attorney, but also less time spent working after hours, which means more time to be with family and friends.