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Three months ago, one of our chauffeurs let me know that this particular client is always running low on battery because he uses his phone so much for work. He always asks to use the complimentary iPhone charger we have in the car. It became a running joke between him and the chauffeur.

When his admin called to reserve his transfer in Brussels through our global network service, which he hadn't done before, I checked his profile and saw the comment about the phone charger. I thought it would be a nice touch, so I called our partner in Brussels and advised them that this particular client would be looking for an iPhone charger, to please have one in the car for him.

He couldn't believe it when the chauffeur handed it to him with his water. Based on his reaction you'd have thought he handed him a bar of gold! It's simple, but we decided to make this a "thing" we do. So when you use Red Bank Limo, let your chauffeur know your preferences. Then, no matter where you travel with us, you'll feel like your right at home!

- Brent

How to Protect Your Computer from Airlines and Hotels That Snoop on You

Dynamic pricing is a little-known fact in today’s online shopping world. When you visit a website – especially a hotel or airline – your past searches and preferences might dictate the price you see pop up for a room or a flight.

It’s all because of algorithms, which in some ways run our lives these days. Many things about algorithms help the world – increasing search result accuracy, or calculating the likelihood of weather patterns, for example – but there are sinister elements to such easily manipulated frameworks.

Your search history, what you’ve looked at, previously bought, and even what kind of computer you have might all help dictate a price for you at airlines and hotels, especially those booked by services like Orbitz.

There are ways, however, to get around this. You can’t rely on the government – there have been no moves whatsoever from Congress or governmental agencies to put a cap on or regulate dynamic pricing practices at all. It’s up to you to protect yourself and your information.

First and foremost, use the vendor directly to book your travel plans. For example, Red Bank Limo does not engage in dynamic pricing, so going to our website – or, if you’re skeptical, calling us – will not result in a higher fee. If you need an NJ limo service and don’t want to pay a premium because you’ve searched for luxury goods in the past, you should know that your pricing structure is safe with us! Using the vendor directly is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the most fair price.

On your computer, you can clear your cache, search history, and block cookies. If you’re on a Mac, you can go to your Safari browser and select Preferences, then Privacy, then Always Block Cookies.  Similar procedures exist on other websites. When clearing your browser history, make sure to clear all of it, and not just delete your previous day or week. On Google Chrome – PC or Mac – you’ll want to go to Settings, then Privacy, then Clear Browsing Data. All browsers have this functionality.

You can also browse “incognito” on Chrome, or “private” on most browsers. This is a great way to hide your information, but no searches are saved. If you think you’ll need to come back to something later, you need to save it as a bookmark. Additionally, you can search websites signed in as a guest, instead of using an account to sign in to a website. This might yield a lower price in some cases.

If you want to get extremely advanced, there are proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). For this, you have to be a tech wizard or typically pay for a service. An easier way to book your travel is simply to call. Dynamic pricing still happens in some ways, but with a human element, there’s always a better chance of getting an honest deal.

At Red Bank Limo, we will never price you on a sliding scale. Our fee schedule is static, and we provide low prices on NJ limo service. You don’t need to clear your search data – just book online or contact us by phone!

Travel Tip: Earn Bonus Miles With Airline Dining Programs

Frequent travelers know the deal: You’ve got to sign up for programs that help you earn airline points. It’s the only way to use what you spend on everyday items to travel cheap or even free. Airline dining programs will offer bonus miles upon sign-up, and often do if you dine a certain amount of times in your sign-up month.

For example, if you sign up for Chase Sapphire Preferred, you will get double points with dining. Same goes for the American Express’s Premier Rewards Gold Card, and many cards offer lots of sign-up bonuses. You can get between 1,000 and 3,000 miles as a bonus if you eat three times in the first month after you sign up.

For the New Jersey traveler, you want to use your airline miles to take convenient international trips, usually from New York. You can use them on domestic flights, too, but saving them up for that big trip is a great strategy for using your miles. On your way to the airport, you may want to call an NJ limo service to get you to your flight on time. An NJ limo service has have limousines for luxury travelers, and other car services for business travelers and tourists.

Check out these deals by airline:

American Airlines: As with most dining rewards programs, there are three tiers of membership. If you’re a member of the AAdvantage program and in the top tier, you can earn points – up to 5 per $1 spent – at local restaurants. There’s a 1,000 signing bonus if you spend $30 or more in participating restaurants in your first month.

Delta: This is very similar to the AAdvantage program, except that the signing bonus in the first month is 3,000 miles instead of 1,000. Much like AAdvantage, there are also three tiers of membership. The lowest tier earns 1 mile per $2 spent at participating restaurants. The pay-offs don’t really come until the higher tiers, where you can earn up to 3,500 extra miles points if you make three trips to participating restaurants during your sign up month, as well.

JetBlue: As with most anything JetBlue does, their dining and airline miles program is different from the rest of the pack. Regular members get 1 point per dollar spent, flat. Mosaic members (higher tiered) will earn 2 points per dollar.

Southwest: Flying out of LaGuardia, Southwest has only one membership tier, and it yields three points on the dollar. For folks that want to submit restaurant reviews, you can earn 10 points. And, if you spend $25 in the first month of your sign up, you will earn a 750 point bonus!

No matter which airline dining program you use, make sure you’re getting points for going out to eat! Make the money you spend work for you, on land and in the air!  And for the best value of all, be sure to use Red Bank Limo for all your ground transportation needs.

Considering a driving job with a ride share company? Consider this...

Are You A Ride Share Driver? Or A Chauffeur?

It's pretty commonplace these days to hear about a friend or relative making money driving for ride share companies like Uber and Lyft. After all, it sounds great - flexible hours, drive your own car, be your own boss. But is being your own boss really what it's cracked up to be?

Recommended viewing for those considering a gig with Uber and Lyft.

There are several key differences between driving for a traditional chauffeured company like Red Bank Limo and driving for a new Transportation Network Company (or TNC) like Uber or Lyft:


Driving your car vs. Driving our cars.

Depreciation is an often overlooked drawback to driving for ride share companies. Logging heavy and hard miles on your own personal car not only drastically drives down the value of your car, it also means expensive repairs. You can be sure that if you intend on making any real money with these companies, you will be making major repairs to your vehicle.

On the other hand, driving our cars means we handle all the maintenance and repairs. You just get in and drive! It's a lot easier and a lot less stressful!



Many ride share drivers aren't even aware of this. At the end of the year, the ride share companies issue you a 1099. It's your responsibility to complete this form and submit your taxes for the year. If you aren't calculating the tax implications per pay period, you may be caught off guard and responsible for a hefty bill at the end of the year.

On the contrary, driving for a traditional service like Red Bank Limo is much simpler - as an employee, your taxes are withheld every pay period. So while your pay is lower due to withholdings, you are not responsible for handling your taxes on your own which is far easier and more accurate.


Live Ownership.

This is a chief complaint amongst ride-share drivers. When they need help with something or they have a question, they need to submit e-mails. When you have an important question that you'd like answered right away, this is not very helpful. In fact it can be downright frustrating.

Why not drive for a small business with hands on owners? Questions are always answered and there's always someone available to help. Issues are handled in a timely manner because there is a sense of real ownership over all aspects of the business. This is not the case with large multi-billion dollar ride share companies that treat their "driver partners" (and clients) like numbers.



This is one area that perhaps the ride share companies offer more flexibility. You simply turn on an app on your phone and you are "on the clock". Driving is pretty much guaranteed if you are in the right areas and so you can work literally whenever you want.

Driving for Red Bank Limo is still very flexible, however. You submit a schedule and can accept or reject rides within your available hours. You are issued a manifest of trips the day before and you are never overworked or asked to drive more hours than you are comfortable with.


Ultimately it depends on what you'd prefer to do...

If you'd rather handle all the extra work and drawbacks that come with "being your own boss", then perhaps working for a ride-share company is for you.

If instead you'd prefer to keep it simple and just focus on just driving and making money without all the headaches, we can assure you that driving for a traditional car service is the way to go!

The New Red Bank Limo Website

Welcome To The New!

As the premier provider of limo services in Red Bank, NJ, we felt we needed a premium web site and presence to reflect our goals. When we began building the new, we set out with the following points in mind: 

  1. Simplicity. Our services are simple and easy to use and so we felt our website should mirror that. We chose a clean modern look and feel to convey this.
  2. Functionality. We've always offered the ability to reserve rides online, but we've now taken that a step further. Create an account online and discover how we've taken the reservation process to a whole new level - here.
  3. Legacy. Red Bank Limo can boast something many companies can not - a 30 year track record of success in the limo service business. Our history and commitment to the community of Red Bank and it's surrounding communities is something we are proud of and want to share with you.

With dozens of accolades and decades of experience, we invite you to try out our limo services. Our longtime guarantees still stand - You will be picked up on time by a local and friendly driver, and you will get their safely.


The Red Bank Limo Team