The things you like, everywhere you go.

Three months ago, one of our chauffeurs let me know that this particular client is always running low on battery because he uses his phone so much for work. He always asks to use the complimentary iPhone charger we have in the car. It became a running joke between him and the chauffeur.

When his admin called to reserve his transfer in Brussels through our global network service, which he hadn't done before, I checked his profile and saw the comment about the phone charger. I thought it would be a nice touch, so I called our partner in Brussels and advised them that this particular client would be looking for an iPhone charger, to please have one in the car for him.

He couldn't believe it when the chauffeur handed it to him with his water. Based on his reaction you'd have thought he handed him a bar of gold! It's simple, but we decided to make this a "thing" we do. So when you use Red Bank Limo, let your chauffeur know your preferences. Then, no matter where you travel with us, you'll feel like your right at home!

- Brent