Travel Tip: Earn Bonus Miles With Airline Dining Programs

Frequent travelers know the deal: You’ve got to sign up for programs that help you earn airline points. It’s the only way to use what you spend on everyday items to travel cheap or even free. Airline dining programs will offer bonus miles upon sign-up, and often do if you dine a certain amount of times in your sign-up month.

For example, if you sign up for Chase Sapphire Preferred, you will get double points with dining. Same goes for the American Express’s Premier Rewards Gold Card, and many cards offer lots of sign-up bonuses. You can get between 1,000 and 3,000 miles as a bonus if you eat three times in the first month after you sign up.

For the New Jersey traveler, you want to use your airline miles to take convenient international trips, usually from New York. You can use them on domestic flights, too, but saving them up for that big trip is a great strategy for using your miles. On your way to the airport, you may want to call an NJ limo service to get you to your flight on time. An NJ limo service has have limousines for luxury travelers, and other car services for business travelers and tourists.

Check out these deals by airline:

American Airlines: As with most dining rewards programs, there are three tiers of membership. If you’re a member of the AAdvantage program and in the top tier, you can earn points – up to 5 per $1 spent – at local restaurants. There’s a 1,000 signing bonus if you spend $30 or more in participating restaurants in your first month.

Delta: This is very similar to the AAdvantage program, except that the signing bonus in the first month is 3,000 miles instead of 1,000. Much like AAdvantage, there are also three tiers of membership. The lowest tier earns 1 mile per $2 spent at participating restaurants. The pay-offs don’t really come until the higher tiers, where you can earn up to 3,500 extra miles points if you make three trips to participating restaurants during your sign up month, as well.

JetBlue: As with most anything JetBlue does, their dining and airline miles program is different from the rest of the pack. Regular members get 1 point per dollar spent, flat. Mosaic members (higher tiered) will earn 2 points per dollar.

Southwest: Flying out of LaGuardia, Southwest has only one membership tier, and it yields three points on the dollar. For folks that want to submit restaurant reviews, you can earn 10 points. And, if you spend $25 in the first month of your sign up, you will earn a 750 point bonus!

No matter which airline dining program you use, make sure you’re getting points for going out to eat! Make the money you spend work for you, on land and in the air!  And for the best value of all, be sure to use Red Bank Limo for all your ground transportation needs.