Top Tech: 7 Must-Have Apps for Travel Lovers

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just a tech nerd with wanderlust, there are apps and gadgets galore for you to choose from when it comes to parsing your jet setting needs. We’ve found the top apps and gadgets that you’ll need for the next time you’re venturing far away from home. Let’s check them out!

1.     Hopper

This is the best travel app for frugal fliers. Just put in your travel dates and locations, and the app will alert you every time there’s a sale or low fare on flights to your destination. You can even book your ticket directly inside the app.

2.     Pack Simply

The concept is as simple as it is brilliant: go to a website, choose your products, and have them delivered to your door in a TSA ready travel pack. Never again will you squeeze shampoo into an unmarked plastic bottle, only to forget if it’s shampoo or bath gel upon reaching your destination. Pack Simply has you covered.

3.     Overnight

This is a little app with big possibilities. If you’re in need of a last minute stay at an Airbnb or other non-hotel property, you can book in your area in as little as ten minutes. Works well for rooms or houses/apartments.

4.     Away

This New York based startup is one of the smartest luggage makers we’ve ever encountered. Away has specially crafted luggage that has an outlet to charge your phone while you’re traveling, eliminating the forever search for outlets in airports. If you’re taking and NJ limo service to one of the New York area airports, you can charge your phone through your suitcase while charging your mp3 player or laptop in one of our luxury limos or cars. Brilliant!

5.     Lola

This app makes the process of planning a trip a little more personal, and a whole lot easier. You select your destination and input a few other details, and you’re immediately connected to a team of travel consultants that can help you plan your perfect trip --  minus the hassle of doing it yourself, but plus the comfort of knowing you’re in control of your travel.

6.     The Infatuation

Love food as much as we do? Book an NJ limo service, download this handy app, and hit the town! This oddly specific app rates and details food and restaurant experiences for you – for example, a place you can take a terrible toddler without fear of judgment, or a place you can show up super casual. The Infatuation knows all, and wants to help you love your dining experience.

7.     G Spotting

If you’re as big of a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow as we are, this app is like GOOP for your travel – and you’re destined to love it! If you’re visiting one of 27 destinations worldwide, use G Spotting to go where Gwyneth goes, and have a highly curated, personalized travel experience fit for a star.

8.     Black Rock Limo app

Our new mobile application makes booking trips easier than ever!  You can:

·         Create an account

·         View ride history

·         Locate your Driver in real time before your pickup

·         Store Addresses for making even quicker reservations.

·         Download for free in the App Storeor on Google Play


If you’re in New York or New Jersey, we’d love to make your travel the best it can possibly be! Call Black Rock Limo and book a limo or car service for all your transportation needs—or download our app! If you love these travel apps, you’ll love our travel philosophy – great customer service, reasonable prices, and excellent attention to detail. Call or contact us online today to get started.