Check Your Visa and Passport Before Traveling Abroad

Overseas trips from any of the New York area airports can be exhilarating. Book an NJ limo service to take you to the airport in style, and board a jumbo jet for a long vacation in an exotic location! Once you arrive at JFK Airport or LaGuardia, you can practically feel the electricity of your upcoming trip. It’s sure to be replete with fun times, learning experiences, and unforgettable moments.

So, what’s the catch? You might not be able to get out of, or back into, the country. If your passport expires within six months of travel, you’re better off renewing it outright prior to your trip. Some countries require six to nine months of valid passport time in order to travel into or out of their country at all. And it’s likely you’re going to one of these countries if you’re heading to Asia, the Caribbean, or the Eastern Bloc.

You also might want to check and make sure that you have enough pages in your passport. As silly as it sounds, some countries – especially developing ones in the Middle East – can use it as an excuse not to let you get home. If you get stuck in a country for any reason, lose your passport, or have an expired or invalid passport, visit the consulate or embassy for your country as soon as possible.

Many countries, such as India and China, have visa requirements that can also be tricky when you’re traveling. It’s always good to read up on these and apply for the visas you need well in advance of your trip. 90 to 180 days are the typical lengths for tourist visas, and overstaying your welcome in a country could have dire consequences for your chances and schedule to get home.

You should always check the U.S. Department of State’s website for updated visa and passport requirement information. It’s not always clear from the booking of tickets, or even from travel agents, what you might need. The State Department keeps a running list of countries and requirements for visas, passports, and travel advisories. Sometimes, it’s not safe to travel to a country at all. While an airline might let you book your ticket, the State Department will let you know where, when, and what’s necessary for you to travel.

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