How to Survive a Long Flight

What is the longest non-stop flight in the world?

Interestingly, it’s 18 hours total, and runs from Singapore to Los Angeles, California. While you might not be making that flight every week, those who travel far distances for work or family matters know this: It can be difficult to keep your sanity on a long flight.

You have to sit for an inordinate amount of time; you can’t sleep in a bed; and there’s nowhere to go because you can’t leave the plane! Once you take your NJ limo service to one of the New York airports, go through security, and board your flight – the hours start to slowly tick away. The longest flights from New York airports are those heading to Hong Kong and Taipei. Both of these flights are more than 15 hours long!

We’ve got some tips for surviving the longest flights in the world. Feel free to use these suggestions, even when you’re not on a day long travel schedule!

Stay hydrated. Hydration (and correctly timing your meals) is the bodily key to avoiding jet lag for international flights. Send your body the right signals by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your long flight(s). You might want to skip drinking alcohol during these flights, as well.

Walk around the cabin! This is most peoples’ number one rule of long flights. Stretching your legs and moving around the cabin can prevent cramping, or even deep vein thrombosis. Don’t go more than an hour and a half without at least a trip to the bathroom and a little light stretching.

Take charge of your entertainment.  Do you have work to finish? Do you have a book to read? Are you in the middle of a season of your favorite show? Make sure you take care of your entertainment. Know if the airline has WiFi if you need to work or plan to stream video. And make sure you have the appropriate book lights, chargers, and other entertainment accouterments to make your flight experience easy and pain free.

Sleep. If you’re on a long flight, chances are you will be able to catch a nap or even a full nights’ sleep. Make sure you plan prior to your trip to decrease the possibility of jet lag. Some international flights would be best served with a nap or good sleep on the front end, while others will avoid jet lag by sleeping toward the end of the flight. This schedule goes double for you if you are traveling with young children. For families, it’s imperative to note the optimal time for you and your children to sleep!

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