Considering a driving job with a ride share company? Consider this...

Are You A Ride Share Driver? Or A Chauffeur?

It's pretty commonplace these days to hear about a friend or relative making money driving for ride share companies like Uber and Lyft. After all, it sounds great - flexible hours, drive your own car, be your own boss. But is being your own boss really what it's cracked up to be?

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There are several key differences between driving for a traditional chauffeured company like Red Bank Limo and driving for a new Transportation Network Company (or TNC) like Uber or Lyft:


Driving your car vs. Driving our cars.

Depreciation is an often overlooked drawback to driving for ride share companies. Logging heavy and hard miles on your own personal car not only drastically drives down the value of your car, it also means expensive repairs. You can be sure that if you intend on making any real money with these companies, you will be making major repairs to your vehicle.

On the other hand, driving our cars means we handle all the maintenance and repairs. You just get in and drive! It's a lot easier and a lot less stressful!



Many ride share drivers aren't even aware of this. At the end of the year, the ride share companies issue you a 1099. It's your responsibility to complete this form and submit your taxes for the year. If you aren't calculating the tax implications per pay period, you may be caught off guard and responsible for a hefty bill at the end of the year.

On the contrary, driving for a traditional service like Red Bank Limo is much simpler - as an employee, your taxes are withheld every pay period. So while your pay is lower due to withholdings, you are not responsible for handling your taxes on your own which is far easier and more accurate.


Live Ownership.

This is a chief complaint amongst ride-share drivers. When they need help with something or they have a question, they need to submit e-mails. When you have an important question that you'd like answered right away, this is not very helpful. In fact it can be downright frustrating.

Why not drive for a small business with hands on owners? Questions are always answered and there's always someone available to help. Issues are handled in a timely manner because there is a sense of real ownership over all aspects of the business. This is not the case with large multi-billion dollar ride share companies that treat their "driver partners" (and clients) like numbers.



This is one area that perhaps the ride share companies offer more flexibility. You simply turn on an app on your phone and you are "on the clock". Driving is pretty much guaranteed if you are in the right areas and so you can work literally whenever you want.

Driving for Red Bank Limo is still very flexible, however. You submit a schedule and can accept or reject rides within your available hours. You are issued a manifest of trips the day before and you are never overworked or asked to drive more hours than you are comfortable with.


Ultimately it depends on what you'd prefer to do...

If you'd rather handle all the extra work and drawbacks that come with "being your own boss", then perhaps working for a ride-share company is for you.

If instead you'd prefer to keep it simple and just focus on just driving and making money without all the headaches, we can assure you that driving for a traditional car service is the way to go!