Our Office


The office is located at 342 Broad Street, Red Bank NJ 07701. The entrance is in the front directly facing the Super Foodtown. When you enter the building, we are on the right. Please be advised that our office has a hidden camera system that is monitored by a 24/7 motion detection based alert device. Again, you are permitted to enter the office 24/7, but your presence will be monitored while you are there.


The Specifics

Getting In

Currently, the keys for the office are in the black mailbox on the outside of the building. We will be changing this over to a keypad entry that we will then supply you with a PIN for.


The office is where you will pick up water for your trips. On your trip sheet you will see a passenger count for your trips. Simply take however many waters you will need from the fridge, and take an ice pack from the freezer. Place everything in one of the coolers and bring it with you for your shift.

Lounge/Reception Area

There may come a point where you have time between shifts where it doesn’t make sense to return back home with the vehicle. In this case, you are welcome to stop in to the office and have a cup of coffee and watch TV. Depending on the day, management may be in the office if you have questions or you’d like to stop in and say hello! The reception area is the room with the fireplace and TV.

Car Seats


Car seats of every variety are available in the office. The car seat storage is in the supply closet located in the office on the left at the rear of the reception area (the room with the fire place). They are behind the double doors. We will be moving to a store-only policy soon. This means we will no longer provide car seats to clients, we will only store their seats in the office while they are away. We will update you shortly on this policy change. Currently, we provide three types of car seats:

  • Booster Seats (ages 5+) These have no backs to them, they’re basically just little platforms with handles on the sides.
  • Forward Facing Car Seats (ages 2 – 5) These seats have straighter backs on them, which makes them more suitable for sitting facing forward.
  • Rear Facing Car Seats (infant – 2) These seats are more angled so that they can fit in the vehicles facing the seat they are place in.


***It is very important to remember that we can SUPPLY car seats, but we CANNOT install them. When clients reserve a car seat, we inform them of this, so you do not have to remind them. You will simply place the car seat(s) in the trunk and assist the client with locating the anchor mount points in the vehicles. ***Need to add information about car seat expiration dates and some photos of the room*** Also photos of the anchor points in the different vehicles***



Storing Car Seats

In other cases, we may store a client’s car seat for them. If we are storing a client’s car seat, you will bring the car seats to the office and put them in the reception area. You will fill out a tag (located on the fireplace mantle) with the clients last name and the date. Remember to attach the tag to each seat if there are more than one. See sample to the right.

Lost & Found

It is very important that you ask politely after every ride if the client has checked to make sure they have all their belongings. Often times, clients are tired and if it’s dark, they’ll leave personal belongings behind. We have a safe in the office for these items. Take a tag from the fireplace mantle (same tags as car seats) and fill it out. Place the item in the safe with the tag and send a text to (732) 389-3883 that the client left the item. We will reach out to them to return the item.

Cash Payments

There are times clients will pay with cash. Although this is exceedingly rare these days, it still happens enough that we need a system for it. If you receive cash from a client, text (732) 389-3883 that you received cash on your trip (include the confirmation number). At the conclusion of your trip, bring the cash to the office and place it in the safe. That’s it!


Please keep the office clean. This goes for every room in the office that we have access to. Donovan will be in occasionally to clean, but we ask that you be mindful of others using the office bathroom and coffee pot. There are trash cans located everywhere so please use them! If you find that the bathroom is out of toilet paper, the toilet paper is located in the storage closet.