Your Schedule

We operate our scheduling system a bit different from most other limo and car services. At BlackRock Worldwide, you have ultimate control over the work you do. You will submit a schedule every week using our cloud based scheduling system. You can do this from a smartphone app or your desktop computer, whichever you prefer. You do not have to work the same schedule every week, nor do we schedule YOU. You have complete control over the time you make yourself available. We do ask that you are conservative with your schedule - in other words, give the least amount of availability you think you'll have. If a trip comes up and you can do it, even though you are off the schedule, you may still be offered the opportunity (via a text from dispatch).


Your schedule must be completed every week. You will receive an automated e-mail that will prompt you for your schedule submission. From the time of that e-mail, you will have approximately 72 hours to complete your schedule. If you do not complete your schedule within that time, you will be locked out and unable to submit availability. From there you will need to seek a manager’s approval to submit your schedule.

Note – Even if you mean to keep the same availability every week, you must STILL enter it into the system to be considered for jobs. We will not assign work to anyone that does not submit a schedule!

The Keys To The Schedule

  • You will receive your assigned trips every day between 3:30pm and 4:30pm from dispatch on your Driver Anywhere app as well as via e-mail.
  • Once you’ve received your trip(s), you will need to accept them through your Driver Anywhere app. Once received, you must accept your trips within (1) hour. In some cases (if you are already driving) we will extend the time that you can respond. If you have not responded within one hour of the job offer, we will pass the offer on to another chauffeur.
  • You will be offered the option to either accept or reject your trips. Should you choose to reject your trip during hours that you’d previously submitted as available, without notifying management at least 36 hours prior, you will be documented in our system as rejecting work. Please be advised that rejection of work in this manner may result in disciplinary action in/or up to termination.
  • If you are offered work after 4:30pm, you will have the right to refuse the offer with no penalty.
  • Requesting Time Off can be done within the Driver Schedule website. Time off is unpaid and can be taken whenever you need it. Should you need extended time off, please notify management by contacting with your request.

The subject line of this e-mail should be “Time Off Request”. The body of the e-mail should contain the exact date range that you will be off the schedule for.

IMPORTANT: Failure to submit a schedule for two consecutive weeks will be viewed as a voluntary resignation.

Time Off

You may take as much time off as you’d like. Time off is unpaid as this position is commission based only. We require at least two weeks’ notice if you are taking off more than five consecutive days. This allows us to staff appropriately for your extended absence.

Additionally, we ask that you give us at least 36 hours notice if you are requesting off on a day that you have previously made yourself available. This way we can staff appropriately for the day of your absence.

To take time off, log in to your Driver Schedule.  Navigate to the top bar and click the link that looks like a little person. From there, on the menu that drops down, click the option "Time Off". On the right there is a screenshot showing what your time off screen looks like.